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Worship Highlights 

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Worship Highlights

We are always open to alternate ways to worship our Heavenly Father.  

Dedication of prayer shawl for Mr. John Gilbert
Pastor Felix, on 17 Nov 2019

Dedication of prayer shawl for Baby Manning Demps

Pastor Felix, on 17 Nov 20119

Various Scripture verses

Recited by Rutha Jones

“When Jesus Moves”

A poem by Rutha Jones

“Angels We Have Heard On High”

By “Instruments of Praise” on 24 December 2018

“Let there be Peace on Earth”

By “Instruments of Praise” on 24 December 2018

“Mary, Did You Know...?”

By “Instruments of Praise” on 24 December 2018


     Pastor Felix encouraging and mentoring the church youth to be active contributors in the worship service.  They work on developing public speaking skills, demeanor,  appearance which improves self-confidence and teaches  job interview skills.  

John 3:16

From memory presented by Andre Lucas


Black History - Violette Neatley Anderson

(first African-American woman to practice law before the United States Supreme Court) - Presented By Aniya Taylor


Black History - Claudette Colvin

(Pre Rosa Parks, was arrested for refusing to give up

her seat on a segregated bus)- Presented by Ta'Jon Nelms


Black History - "Bass Reeves"

(a real-life African-American cowboy who one historian has propod may have inspired the Lone Ranger) - Presented by Andre Lucas