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“Fix it, Jesus”

“One God, One Song” event


“We are on the Battlefield for my Lord”

Grand Finale at end of “One God, One Song” event


John 3:16

From memory presented by Andre Lucas


Black History - Violette Neatley Anderson

(first African-American woman to practice law before the United States Supreme Court) - Presented By Aniya Taylor


Black History - Claudette Colvin 

(Pre Rosa Parks, was arrested for refusing to give up

her seat on a segregated bus)- Presented by Ta'Jon Nelms


Black History - "Bass Reeves"

(a real-life African-American cowboy who one historian has propod may have inspired the Lone Ranger) - Presented by Andre Lucas

Our Recent Work

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Black History reflection by Andre Lucas

"Bass Reeves" (July 1838 – January 12, 1910)

Reeves was a real-life African-American cowboy who one historian has proposed may have inspired the Lone Ranger! 


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